The short answer- no.

While both these platforms at PPC (pay-per-click), they differ in a few different ways.

If you have looked into digital marketing you have probably come across Google Adwords at some point and even contemplated Social Media marketing. However there is confusion on what they are and which is best.
Facebook is still free to set up and manage a branded page, but advertising on Facebook’s platform is a very important tool for digital marketing. Google will still display your webpage through organic SEO (search-engine-optimisation), however Adwords can bring more attention to your website, and give it more integrity.

    1. The format of Adword advertisements are text advertisements of up to 30 characters, a description of 80 character, however they are sometimes confusing to set up and may require further research, here is a good guide for Google Adwords. Facebook offers a wider selection of visual formats including photo & video posts, carousel and canvas adverts.
    2. The main difference between Google Adwords and Facebook marketing are the way it targets its users. Facebook uses their patron’s demographic information, cookies and user behaviour (pages liked, etc.) to direct advertisements. Facebook as are also useful for capturing life-events that affect peoples buying habits, such as weddings and birthdays. Google Adwords allows advertisers to bid on ‘impressions‘, keywords, when then bring your ad to the top of relevant searches, catching users when they are actively investigating your product, service or industry.
    3. Adwords allows your brand to reach new customers, whereas Facebook allows new customers to reach your brand. Adwords is for driving sales, when people search for categories online they are likely to purchase soon, it can also contribute to brand awareness, and top of mind placement. Google also allow you to manage and adjust your campaign as it is in action. Facebook is optimised for raising brand awareness and driving customer engagement rather than sales.
    4. In general, the CPC (cost –per-click) is significantly higher for Adwords, then Facebook ads. The industry should also be examined as some have lower competition and so less bids, thus making Adwords more affordable. If you have a tight advertising budget, research suggests that Facebook ads at 88% cheaper than Adwords.

After reading through this post, we hope that you agree that there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to whether you should use AdWords or Facebook. When trying to decide between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords for your brand, you need to understand what you want to achieve: analysing your format, target audience, objectives; and analysing your budget. Both are valuable e-marketing tools enhance brands and provide ROI. Sometimes the best campaign can be to include both in your strategy.


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