Emojis have gone viral on the Internet across all platforms and devices. Knitted into our daily communications, they have become the zeitgeist of this generation (Ai, W., et al 2017). Oxford Dictionaries, even recognised this fact and in 2015 named the  ? (Face With Tears of Joy) Emoji the Word of the Year. Whether it’s for a marketing campaign, or a customer service reply, brands all over the world are using Emojis every day. Using Emojis is a fun and engaging way for brands to connect with their customers. Emojis transverse language barriers and often express more than words can. Here are some recent campaigns involving Emojis ?:


In 2015 Coca-Cola launched their branded Emoji on Twitter with a rapturous applause that continues to have prominence in their current campaigns.

Domino’s Pizza

Also in 2015, Dominos made the landmark decision to allow customers to order a pizza with simply an Emoji ?.


Still current, WWF launched a campaign of 17 unique Emojis, asking their audience to donate 10c for each retweet.

Taco Bell

Long awaited and still frequently used, Taco Bell created a taco Emoji ? in 2016.

How can you use them for your campaigns?

  •  ?  is the most used emoji on Instagram
  • Allow Emojis in your customer feedback forms, people tend to share more in this format.
  • Monitor your posts on social media, no all Emojis are created equally, too many ????? is a warning sign that something is wrong (AdHawk Blog 2016).
  • Emoji’s now only occupy 1 character on Twitter #winning?






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