As part of a balanced macronutrients breakdown protein in an of itself will not cause females to gain. Even further if you consume enough protein through your food you don’t need to supplement your intake with protein powders like Cyborg Zero or WPI- however if you do find that you don’t eat enough lean proteins these are great options for you (Robards, T. (2016)).

Women in general do not usually have enough natural testosterone to create the bulky appearance some males have when they lift and consume protein powder. When women do lift weights they tend to develop lean, shapely body rather than the Hercules or Hulk like aesthetic (Robards, T. (2016)).

The body is not a machine. The harder and more often you use a machine, the faster it wears out. However, the human body not only responds best when used through, weight lifting, but also improves when it is pushed past its comfort zone. When muscles are overloaded, the body responds by making the muscles stronger in that area. That is the essence of weight training. Protein complements this training by providing the nutrients needed to recover and fuel (Austin, D. & Mann, B. (2000)).