Case Study: Harbour Town Eats

Discover Harbour Town Eats, a dynamic dining haven nestled within Gold Coast’s iconic Harbour Town Premium Outlets. This revitalized alfresco plaza seamlessly integrates urban charm with sub-tropical allure, offering an inviting space for various occasions.

The project involved reformatting external architects’ AutoCAD files into print-ready DipTech formats, a meticulous process that streamlined over 200 panels. This demanding task prompted a creative and efficient approach, refining my skills while ensuring precision in execution.

Reflecting the spirit of a street-scaped village, the design embraces biophilic principles and diverse finishes, embodying the locale’s vibrancy. Unified signage, an exposed structural framework, and cantilevered awnings ensure functionality alongside aesthetics.

A landscaped spine, featuring indigenous plants, contributes to climate management and enhances the overall ambience. The transition from day to night is seamless, thanks to well-planned lighting solutions. Patterns and textures add subtlety, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Harbour Town Eats transcends typical dining. It’s a space where social interactions flourish amid warmth and charm, catering to diverse needs from casual lunches to late-night dinners. This project underscores the marriage of design ingenuity and practicality, resulting in a captivating space that embodies the Gold Coast’s essence.