Case Study: Riley Hotel Cairns

Experience the essence of the Riley project, a groundbreaking fusion of design and sustainability, redefining Cairns’ hospitality landscape. Cairns’ premier sustainable five-star hotel embarked on a mission to transform its awnings into an eco-conscious masterpiece, epitomizing both aesthetic excellence and environmental responsibility.

The journey began with a search for the perfect awning design, leading to a collaboration with National Glass. Tasked with the challenge, I received a digital pattern and a glass sample. The aim was clear: replicate the pattern’s intricacy while aligning with the glass’s unique attributes. Balancing a delicate green tinge of the glass with the desired clarity, I ingeniously incorporated subtle green hues into the pattern, achieving a seamless blend of form and function.

The project’s execution flowed smoothly, with one critical consideration: orienting the pattern flawlessly on the glass panels. Precision was paramount. Leveraging cartographic references, I ensured an impeccable fusion of design and space. The outcome transcended aesthetics, embodying meticulous attention to detail and underscoring a profound eco-conscious statement.

The Riley project showcases the synergy of artistry and ecological mindfulness, exemplifying graphic design’s power to shape sustainability narratives. With innovation and conscious design, the hotel’s awnings stand as a testament to elegance with a purpose, harmonizing seamlessly with Cairns’ urban ambiance.