The reason that we crave sugar is that it literally has a chemical affect on the brain in regards to dopamine and opioid systems in reward-related brain regions. We crave sugar like a smoker or alcoholic craves their achilles heel (Avena, N., et al. (2015)). But how can we curb this craving to help shift body fat?

First you should have smaller more frequent healthy meals. Research shows that this technique will maintain a stable blood sugar level that will keep you from feeling flat or tired. Skipping meals is not recommended as your blood sugar will drop dramatically and cause your to binge on the closest bag of lollies (Guy, L. (2011)).

Reduce your fruit intake. Shocking to hear that fruit can indeed, not be your friend, but research indicates that the sugar contained in many popular fruits can be harming your fat loss goals. It is recommended that you stick to low sugar options such as berries, grapefruit and apples, instead of too much pineapple, pear, bananas or indeed watermelon (Bowden, J. (2017); & Dolson , L. (2017)).

And finally do yoga. It has been found that for people with diabetes, yoga has shown to lower blood sugar in several ways:

  • By decreasing cortisol and adrenaline levels,
  • Bncouraging weight loss, and improving sensitivity to insulin in the blood.

Even if you don’t have diabetes you can benefit from the cathartic stretches of yoga that help with your blood sugar, flexibility and clear your mind (Guthrie, C. (2017)).