College Collateral

During my role as a Marketing Assistant at Redlands College, I’ve enjoyed collaborating closely with various departments, creating diverse print and digital materials, managing social media, and coordinating photoshoots. This experience has greatly enhanced my communication skills, print supplier management, and adaptability to evolving project needs.

My responsibilities encompass a wide range of design tasks that capture the college’s essence. From meticulously crafting the Annual Report to designing captivating Yearbooks, I distil complex experiences into visually engaging stories.

Managing social media channels and contributing to the college’s WordPress website, I ensure a cohesive online presence that reflects its values. Coordinating photoshoots and utilizing Photoshop, I transform moments into captivating visuals.

My adaptability shines in projects ranging from stationery to banners, embracing each with enthusiasm. I also engage with print suppliers and leverage Schoolbox to enhance the student online learning platform.

From branded promotional items to diverse college projects, my designs embody the institution’s spirit. As a Marketing Assistant at Redlands College, my design expertise intertwines with an appreciation for education, resulting in compelling visual storytelling that mirrors the institution’s heart.